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Dear customers,

Hello and welcome … Let me tell you a little more about me:

I am Zornitsa Maleva. A Master Family Constellator and Facilitator, Therapist for Successful and Harmonious Relationships. Personal development coach. Holistic Therapist in the Work with Children’s Trauma and Relationships with the person next to us, our parents and our children. My work is dedicated to healing and improving male-female and child-parent relationships.

From 2009-2012 Zornitsa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and events organization from the University of East London.

In 2017 Zornitsa successfully completed the Diploma at Natalia Kobylkina’s – Happy Woman Academy. I am a winner. The acquired specialty is Sexology and Harmonious Relationship.

In 2019 Zornitsa holds a Diploma in Personal Development Coach and Holistic Therapist from Academy for New Qualities – London

2017-2019 Zornitsa successfully completed the 2-year training (600 accredited hours) for Master Family Constellator and Facilitator and holds a Diploma from the Institute of Integral Development Sofia and the Institute of Evolutionary Techniques Italy  under the supervision of Psychologist Lorenzo Campese and Psychologist Michaela Mihaylova. 

2020 Zornitsa holds a diploma in Child Trauma Psychology and Positive Psychology from the Academy of New Qualities London.

Before I turned to Psychology and Personal Development, I worked for 5 years in the Management sphere. I have worked for leading companies in London such as The Dorchester Hotel, Jet Set Sport, the organizer of corporate packages for the Olympics. 

I have been working for 6 years as a holistic Coach and Family Constellator also as a Therapist and Consultant for Successful Relationships. I work with clients in a person (face to face in my office)  or on-line session. I also often lead and organize personal development seminars and therapy groups for family constellations in London and Sofia.

It takes many years to study, going through different degrees and trainings to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help others improve their lives by treating their inner child through the Family Constellations Method and working with children’s traumas.

After 6 years of experience as a Therapist, seeing what really works and helping the customer achieve results and overcome the difficulties that prevent him/her from having what he/she wants in his/her life at the level of relationships, career, love and money, I have developed my own internal work system and treatment of the traumas we all carry from our mother and father called- Parental Blessing. 

In working with my customers, I have combined 3 methods that I use daily during a session. This is a combination of Positive Psychology, Working with the Inner Child and the Family Constellations Method. My system of work is called Parental Blessing. For people who do not have the possibility for personal therapy, I have created the self-help book, Parental Blessing, which can be purchased from the bookstores in Bulgaria in Bulgarian and from me as a copy of a book in English or as a digital variant.

I have the support of my loving man in everything I do – as well as the support of my wonderful parents.

My motto in life is:

There is only one person who needs to change your life, and that’s you!


Yours faithfully  


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