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If you have any additional questions for the process or how to get an appointment, you can contact me by choosing the best option for you.

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Topics on which I can be useful to you: relationships and personal growth. 

All the problems related to men, women, our family, parents, children. We work towards harmonious relationships.

Why don’t I have a man or a woman and how can I attract and keep a man or a woman?

How to increase my self-esteem, status, abundance, sexuality? (We make your map of desires)

How do I get to family and marriage?

What do men or women want in a relationship, why are our needs different?

How do I deal with relationship conflicts?

How do I state what I want in a relationship and get it from my partner?

How do I react during a scandal?

How do I state what I do not want in a relationship without going into conflict?

How do I change what annoys me and I do not like about a relationship?

How do I know what a man or woman is suitable for me and what exactly do I need in a relationship?

How do I get back a man or a woman after cheating? How to build trust again?

How to overcome separation or loss of a dear person?

How do I find my mission? To have the work I want that makes me happy.

Life after abortion? A ritual to clear the space.

How to deal with the stress in a healthy way?

How to love, give and take in a marriage and relationship?

Here you will find the ritual of obtaining a parental blessing. This is an ancient Slavic ritual that is enormously powerful. It allows us to connect with the family and unlock the flow of love for us in our family.

I am looking forward to work with you!