How an individual constellation does go?

You contact me via my e-mail to make an appointment on a topic or problem you want to resolve. I ask you specific questions that help me understand how I can help you and whether in your personal constellation I should work with your Parental Family-(your parents) or work with your Current Family,( that is, your current or former partners). Then a group gathers on a specific date and your issue is put forward. The reason we need other people as helpers for your constellation is that these people represent certain elements in the constellation, such as: your parents, money, love, abortion, ex-partners, etc. (see the family constellation column on my website. There is a detailed explanation there about the process itself.)

When we put the topic forward, you sit down and observe what is going on and why.

All that happens during the constellation itself:

Solves the problem for you as a customer, we see who in your family has taken the wrong place in your family system towards you, who is excluded and who you are struggling with, we see whether there is  need for restoring the balance of taking and giving for you in your current relationship or towards your parents or children.

As a Family Constellator I work mainly with the representatives until we get to a point of relief or a solution of the problem you are working on. It integrates into you and gives you a tremendous sense of relief. Gradually, things in your life begin to change for the better. A good partner comes or the relationship with the current partner improves. You get married, you get pregnant, you find a better job, the income gets bigger, opportunities open up for you at all levels. Your relationships with the people around you improve – your husband or wife, your children and your parents.

The constellation lasts about two hours. You do not need any preliminary preparation for the personal constellation, only a desire for personal work and change.

Prices and conditions:

You sign a confidentiality agreement. 

A pre-deposit (50% of the cost of the constellation) is paid, which is not returned when the customer cancels his visit to the event 3 days in advance. This is because rent is paid for a hall and a group of representatives is assembled especially for you. 

Prices for personal constellation with me as a Master -Family Constellations Facilitator

BGN 150 in Bulgaria 

£ 150 in England

EUR 150 in Europe 

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