Private consultations

Private consultations

Hello and welcome,

How does a consultation with me goes?

You make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. For your convenience, we work via Viber or Skype in the comfort of your home. Also, if you prefer to have a face-to-face session you can visit one of my offices in London or Sofia. You choose whichever option works best for you. Most people prefer the on-line option because it saves time and money for travel.

What’s next?

You write me an email saying that you would like a consultation and I will reply to you in a detailed e-mail about the conditions for working with me as a Therapist and how I can help your problem regarding a relationship between a man-woman and a child-parents disappear permanently.

The first consultation is a little longer 70-80 minutes in order to see exactly what the problem with you is and in what direction we need to work with you as a client, so that the problem can be solved permanently. During the consultation we find out what is preventing you from being happy and loved and we will look at the steps to take in order to improve your life. We take a detailed look at why you are in this situation, and I give you a lot of guidance. 

Even after the first session, you will see things as they are, and relief will come to you. You will not ask yourself the questions any anymore – why me? but you will clearly see the problem and the solution.

The therapy with me is short, no more than 10-15 sessions and is results-oriented. 

I work first individually with you and your childhood with the anger and your inner child, your relationships with your partner, or if necessary, we look at your relationship with your mother and father. And then, if necessary, a constellation is placed to resolve a specific problem in a therapeutic group with other participants.

Your mother as a model of behavior shows you how to love and express your love. Your father as a model of behavior shows you how to be professionally good and successful, have money and success, and how to keep things and people in your life. That is why the relationships with our parents are important for us. If we had difficulties when we were children regarding our mother or father, this reflects in our current intimate relation with the person next to us. By treating these traumas, we allow ourselves to be a little happier, loved and more successful than our parents.

The topics on which I can be useful to you are anything related to personal, partner and parent-child relationships, as well as personal growth and dealing with stress.

I believe that the best investment a person can make is to invest in himself by clearing out his childhood traumas and removing the burdens and problems he has taken on accepting them as his own carrying them from his mother and father, in their honor, without even wanting that. We take from our parents both the good and the bad as values and we apply it in our intimate relationships as a model of behavior. Very often, in honor of our parents completely unconsciously out of blind childhood love, we sabotage our relationships and success in our lives by repeating our parents lives without we ourselves wanting that.

You as a client will understand what has hindered you from having a loving relation, why were your relationships failing? You will find out how to communicate with your loved one without losing your relation. You will learn how to get out of a conflicting situation and how to resolve the dispute in a peaceful and loving way. You will learn how to love and be loved in  a healthy way, you will learn how to take responsibility for yourself by staying a child for your parents and becoming an adult to your partner. That is, how you enter into the relationship as equal and adult , this way you do not seek a mother and a father in your partner, because very often we seek and demand to receive from our loved one exactly what we have not received from our mother and father in our childhood.  

If you are alone, you will understand why you are not in a relationship and why it’s hard for you to have a serious relationship and get married to a partner.  Why don’t you have a loving partner next to you, why do you have problems with the person next to you, in your relationship and how do you solve them? 

After working on my Parental Blessing system, you will improve and heal your relationships and you will have everything you have dreamed of in your personal and partner relationship and child-parent relationships for 60 days. Thousands of customers changed their lives working with me as a Therapist under my Parental Blessing therapeutic system and now they enjoy loving and harmonious relationships with their husband or wife (boyfriend or girlfriend) having a loving and monogamous relationship filled with passion and love.

It takes many years to study, going through different stages and trainings to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help others improve their lives by treating their inner child through the Family Constellations Method and working with children’s traumas. I give you this knowledge and tools in these 10 sessions on how to improve and heal the relationship with the person next to you and the relationship with yourself and your inner child.

After 7 years of experience as a Therapist, seeing what really works and helps the clients achieve results and overcome the difficulties that prevent him/her from having what he/she wants in his/her life at the level of relationships, career, love and money, I have developed my own system for internal work and treatment of the traumas we all carry from our mother and father called Parental Blessing. In working with my customers, I have combined 3 methods that I use daily during a session. This is a combination of Positive Psychology, Working with the Inner Child and the Family Constellations Method. My system of work is called Parental Blessing. For people who do not have the possibility of personal therapy, I have created the self-help book, Parental Blessing, which can be purchased from the bookstores in Bulgaria in Bulgarian and from me in English as a copy of a book or a digital variant. Also, if the customer wishes, he can put a personal constellation for a particular problem in the treatment group led by me once a month. You can see in detail what a family constellation is and how it could help you resolve a specific problem on my site.

Make an appointment for a 70-minute consultation with me over Skype/Viber or a face-to-face one. The first consultation is £50 per person per 60 minutes. 

80 pounds for a couple,70 minutes.

The purpose of the first consultation is to see where exactly the problem is, and how I can help you to terminate it from your life permanently here and now.

 WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR? What are you going to lose? Except your pain and your problem …

Can you answer this simple question: who are you?

Ask yourself who am I? Do you dream of living an abundant life without restrictions? 

I personally wanted this life and dreamed of it. Not only did I dream of it, but I achieved it. And since I know the road to it, I want to share it with you.

What do I guarantee you:
To devote this one hour only to you and to be at your service.
To be honest with you and to tell you things that hardly anyone else and even you yourself will admit – but that is exactly what will cure your pain.
Confidentiality – The whole information remains reserved only for you.

Topics on which I can be useful to you: relationships and personal growth. 

All the problems related to men, women, our family, parents, children. We work towards harmonious relationships.

Why don’t I have a man or a woman and how can I attract and keep a man or a woman?

How to increase my self-esteem, status, abundance, sexuality? (We make your map of desires)

How do I get to family and marriage?

What do men or women want in a relationship, why are our needs different?

How do I deal with relationship conflicts?

How do I state what I want in a relationship and get it from my partner?

How do I react during a scandal?

How do I state what I do not want in a relationship without going into conflict?

How do I change what annoys me and I do not like about a relationship?

How do I know what a man or woman is suitable for me and what exactly do I need in a relationship?

How do I get back a man or a woman after cheating? How to build trust again?

How to overcome separation or loss of a dear person?

How do I find my mission? To have the work I want that makes me happy.

Life after abortion? A ritual to clear the space.

How to deal with the stress in a healthy way?

How to love, give and take in a marriage and relationship?

Here you will find the ritual of obtaining a parental blessing. This is an ancient Slavic ritual that is enormously powerful. It allows us to connect with the family and unlock the flow of love for us in our family.

Here you will find priceless pieces of advice about harmonious and loving relations between a man and a woman, in a relationship and marriage.

I am looking forward to work with you! I am glad that there will be a change for you and a new beginning after working with me as an experienced Therapist. All the good that you have dreamed of, will happen, because you will have accepted your parents as they are in your heart and will live your life without pain and limitation. One constellation unfolds and works for about 2 years. It takes time to integrate into your family system.

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